How to rescue OmniAuth::Strategies::OAuth2::CallbackError?

I am building a Rails application with Omniauth for log in service.To authenticate Google I am using OmniAuth Google OAuth2 Strategy.

When user clicks 'allow access' button everything works fine.But when user clicks 'no thanks' button the below error is raised.


I have tried adding the below rescue code in application controller.

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  rescue_from OmniAuth::Strategies::OAuth2::CallbackError, :with =>


 def omniauth_callback_error_handler
  redirect_to init_sign_in_users_path

But no luck.

Any idea?

Thank you :)


This happens because the authentication happens in a middleware so your controller is not involved in it. This is where the exception is raised and the called code is this

I think you can handle this kind of error by defining a callback in Omniauth initializer with this kind of code

Omniauth.config do |config|
  config.on_failure do
    # your handling code invoked in the context of a rack app

Otherwise there is a commit of three months ago which introduce this behavior

def redirect_to_failure
  message_key = env['omniauth.error.type']
  new_path = "#{env['SCRIPT_NAME']}#{OmniAuth.config.path_prefix}/failure?message=#{message_key}"["302 Moved"], 302, 'Location' => new_path).finish

which states that on errors your user is redirected to /auth/failure with an error message, so you should be able to define a route for that path and handle it in your app. Keep in mind that this won't happen in development mode so you need to try it in other envs. If this doesn't happen in production try to upgrade your omniauth gem to version 1.1.0

You can set the on_failure proc in the omniauth initializer in an even cleaner fashion:

OmniAuth.config.on_failure = UsersController.action(:oauth_failure)

I have solved this problem with the Fabio's first suggestion.

OmniAuth.config.on_failure = do |env|
  #this will invoke the omniauth_failure action in UsersController.

In my UsersController

class UsersController < ActionController::Base
  def omniauth_failure
    redirect_to init_sign_in_users_path
    #redirect wherever you want.

There's a configuration to use /auth/failure instead of raising an error.

I use OmniAuth 1.2.2 and when I checking the FailureEndpoint I found the code is like this:

def call
  raise_out! if OmniAuth.config.failure_raise_out_environments.include?(ENV['RACK_ENV'].to_s)

And the failure_raise_out_environments is defined here:

def self.defaults
  @defaults ||= {
    # other configurations
    :failure_raise_out_environments => ['development']

The environment can be configured so the solution is easy. I use Rails so I put below code in an initializer file:

OmniAuth.configure do |config|
  # Always use /auth/failure in any environment
  config.failure_raise_out_environments = []

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