How to destroy and recreate a scene in andengine correctly?

In andAngine I need to destroy a Scene in andangine and to recreate it in order to restart the game variables and listeners and gamelogic. i use this code:



and then I recreate the scene

scene = new Scene();

Something seems to go wrong when I recreate the third time the scene. Sprites doesn't display..are distorted or something doesn't display at all. Can anyone explain to me if I correctly initialize and destroy the scene ?


Personally, I would create the scene once the first time it is used.

To change the scene, do your removal stuff as you've shown, I wouldn't bother with the call to System.gc(), and then instead of creating a new Scene() - just call scene.reset(), scene.dosomestuff, etc

Creating a new Scene like you show looks like a major memory leak, or at least a possible leak.

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