Destroying Null Session Variables

I have created session for my website.To have session started i have wrote following code on each link of website:

  $sesvar = $_REQUEST['sid'];
  $sesvar = " ";

But when I click log out button session get destroyed.But value of sid(ie parameter to set session variable is set to null.)To destroy session i wrote following code:


After logout as i get sid=null and after that if i click any link of website the welcome msg is still there with null session variable.Please help.


you are actually not using session variable to store the session data.

i assume in below code you are trying to use session variable to store some value

$sesvar = $_REQUEST['sid'];

you are doing it wrong way, to store any session data you need to store it in super global $_SESSION array. so for example.

$_SESSION['var'] = $_REQUEST['sid'];

and to check or fetch the value you need to check the value in $_SESSION

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