Best way to locate source of Warning: Empty string passed to getElementById()

Warning: Empty string passed to getElementById(). Source File: chrome://browser/content/browser.xul Line: 0

Some days ago I started getting the above message while developing my site. Things are working as they should (or at least I think they are), but I want to find out where this is coming from. I use jQuery so do not use getElementById() directly. Plus I have Firebug and the Web Developer extension for Firefox running.

I could laboriously put in code to check for an empty string being given to a jQuery selection or maybe look into jQuery itself, but my skills are minimal, so I'm asking here if anyone has offhand a good idea for quickly locating the source of the warning messages.


Source File: chrome://browser/content/browser.xul

This means that the error is in a Firefox extension, not in your code.

If you are querying by '#' selector -- ensure the selector is unique (as it should be) or you will end up with this error in ff

In my case this was caused by Firefox performing HTML5 checks on the input fields on my form. Once the "required" property was removed from the form elements everything seemed to work fine again.

This was something brought about by the MVC framework I use which generates these properties based on the model validation rules that require a field to be non-empty.

This answer was really helpful to me in finding why it was happening so I decided to share.

I've placed the following code OUTSIDE document.ready and got this error.

// Enable Line Items ONLY AFTER general info is filled out!
$( "#client_estimate_continue_next" ).click(function(e) {
console.log( + ' click event fired.');



I was able to fix the error by simply placing it INSIDE document.ready

Additional info:

I got the error but in my case it was coming from my own script according to FireFox.

I believe I got the error because I made a reference to the id of an element that was not yet fully rendered eg. NOT ready.

Warning: Empty string passed to getElementById().

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