Override <input type="file"> value property

It's possible to override value property in tag? My code in JavaScript

var element = document.createElement('input');
element.type = 'FILE';
element.__defineGetter__('value',function(){ return 'ololo'; });

It show empty string. Also I try override 'value' with prototype

function BPFILEINPUT(value)
    this.value = value;
BPFILEINPUT.prototype = element;
var myFileInput = new BPFILEINPUT('ololo');

It work, but crash on


I try pass test for upload form on 4shared.com

var uplElems = aUploadForm.elements;

   for (var i = 0; i < uplElems.length; i++) {
       var currentUploadElement = uplElems[i]
       if (currentUploadElement.type == 'file') {
           if (currentUploadElement.value == '') {
               // skip
           } else {
               if (!checkFileLength(currentUploadElement)) {
                  return false;
               filesToUpload += getNumberOfSelectedFiles(currentUploadElement);
   if (filesToUpload < 1) {
       alert('You didn\'t select any file to upload yet.');
       return false;


I use UIWebView.


AFAIK, you can't set the value of <input type="file"> programmatically because of security reasons. A user has to explicitly click on it to set its value.

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