table is breaking to late and begins to early on following page

Im using prawn to generate a report basing on a set of data which is displayed in a table. This works perfectly as long as I dont have too much data. When I have more than 20 datasets the table reaches into my page footer and on the following page it begins in the page header.

The best would be to define a kind of area for each page in which the table is displayed. I didnt find any solution by searching the manual. Is there a workaround or sth. like that?


One possible solution (without knowing too much detail of your use-case):

If the rows are a fixed height, you could just group the data into as many rows as will fit on a page. then insert a page break and draw a new table. refer to

eg: (in haml)

- @people.in_groups_of(5,false) do |people|
    - people.each do |person|

that would create multiple <ul>'s with up to 5 <li> tags in each, separated by a <hr />

Hope that applies to your use case somehow.

The solition was using a bounding_box for the whole document content so it doesnt get involved in the footer or header even not after a page break.

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