One Scroll Bar for three option or select areas

I want to implement three <select>...</select> areas or <option>...</option> areas, controlled with one scroll box, that should be looking like

|-------|  |-------|  |-------| /\ 
|  aas  |  |  aas2 |  |  sdj3 |  | 
|  asd  |  |  asd2 |  | werh3 |  |
|  qwd  |  |  qwd2 |  | qwe3  |  | 
|-------|  |-------|  |-------| \/ 

Is it possible to create a separate scroll bar, and how do I implement it?

Should i use jquery and javascript or anything else?


yes of course : look at this :

Can't you just make one container div with a specified height and CSS overflow:scroll; and put those three areas (as divs) inside the container?

All you need is a bit of css. Just place the three elements in a div with a class e.g. .main and add this css:

.main {
 max-height: 100px; //or whatever you want
 overflow-y: scroll;

Take a look at the css overflow property

I think this is the easiest solution to what you need:

I think you can do. There is one question do you want to multiple selection? I make that example. Is it what you want? When you select item it turns red and selects a checkbox. It is pure js

I had found a nice way how to scroll the table, for that it is necessary include table into wrapper, and for wrapper apply following style:

  height:266px;    <-- some custom height

This works well for IE and Mozilla browsers.

So i just create wrapped table with 3 columns instead of creating table using div tags....

But suggestions are really work anyway.

try the 15 best jquery scrollbar here

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