Importing Python files into each other on a web server

Using CGI scripts, I can run single Python files on my server and then use their output on my website.

However, I have a more complicated program on my computer that I would like to run on the server. It involves several modules I have written myself, and the SQLITE3 module built in Python. The program involves reading from a .db file and then using that data.

Once I run my main Python executable from a browser, I get a "500: Internal server error" error.

I just wanted to know whether I need to change something in the permission settings or something for Python files to be allowed to import other Python files, or to read from a .db file.

I appreciate any guidance, and sorry if I'm unclear about anything I'm new to this site and coding in general.

FOLLOW UP: So, as I understand, there isn't anything inherently wrong with importing Python files on a server?


I suggest you look in the log of your server to find out what caused the 500 error.

You can get an extensive error message by adding the following lines at the beginning of your CGI script:

import cgitb

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