Using libcurl to upload files to DropBox

I'm trying to use the libcurl in a C/C++ application to post files to DropBox.

I would like to use the "/files (POST)" API as documented here...

I am having problems with properly authenticating (OAuth) this call. It is unclear to me how to properly create the authentication signature.

From some a sample I saw, it looked like they were reading in the whole file to create the HMAC-SHA1 encoding on. This seems problematic on large files.

Does anyone have experience or insight using this API or something similar?


I have just use the libouth and libcurl to get information from sina weibo. here is my example for you refer. you can also refer the liboauth test programmer in the tests dir, oauthtest.c

    if (use_post)
        req_url = oauth_sign_url2(test_call_uri, &postarg, OA_HMAC, NULL, c_key, c_secret, t_key, t_secret);
        reply = oauth_http_post(req_url,postarg);

I suggest using BOOST ASIO . Makes uploading and downloading a breeze.

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