How to edit the windows registry entry so that Devkit does not look at the incompletely uninstalled ruby installers in windows 7

When running ruby dk.rb init from C:/Devkit it displays as below

[INFO] found RubyInstaller v1.8.7 at C:/ruby

[INFO] found RubyInstaller v1.9.2 at C:/IRails/Ruby192

Initialization complete! Please review and modify the auto-generated 'config.yml' file to ensure it contains the root directories to all of the installed Rubies you want enhanced by the DevKit.

But no such folder exists in the C Drive. How to remove this from the windows registry.


If DevKit dk.rb found those elements in the registry that means Ruby was installed in those folders at some point but either manually removed or relocated.

If you open dk.rb you will see the registry keys it uses to locate such information:

Software\RubyInstaller\MRI first in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and later in HKEY_CURRENT_USER

You can use regedit and look for those keys and remove them entirely.

But I would recommend you first check in Add and remove programs inside the Control Panel if Ruby is still installed and if so, removed and install properly.

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