Redo method using Activator.CreateInstance

how might I redo this method with Activator.CreateInstance

    Public Overridable Function setCreditType() As CreditType 
    Select Case creditTypeId 
        Case Is = 0 
            Return New NewCredit(Me) 
        Case Is = 1 
            Return New ExecutiveProducer(Me) 
        Case Is = 2 
            Return New Producer(Me) 
        Case Else 
            Return New NullCredit(Me) 
    End Select 
End Function 


The most literal response is something like this:

Dim t As Type = GetType(Foo) 'Get Foo from somewhere
Dim ctorArgs() New As Object { Me }
Return (CreditType)Activator.CreateInstance(t, ctorArgs)

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