Doctrine 2 proxy classes breaking Symfony2 ACL

When attempting to run findAcl() on an entity with an existing entry in the acl_classes table generated by init:acl I get an AclNotFoundException.

Testing with createAcl() on the object in question before calling findAcl() shows a new record in acl_classes for a proxy class of the same type and the operation completes successfully.

This seems wrong, proxies should be transparent right, or am I missing something?


I'm am just answering this because i had a hard time to find a solution and this was the first result in google for me.

Yes, it's wrong and it's a known bug for symfony2.

Jonathan Ingram solved this, and wrote a post about it a while ago:

He created his own object identity retrieval strategy to override the default, and registered it in the services.xml (see the post above). Actually it's a pretty simple and straightforward solution, i am a bit ashamed i didn't figured it out on my own :)

In symfony2.1 it's not a problem any more, see:

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