Resumable large file (2+Gb) upload over web

I'd like to implement large file upload, there are so many solutions out there (jquery, php, flash, java, js/jquery, node.js, etc...) that I quickly got lost / couldn't really find something that meet my requirements.

Basically I need this:

  1. I must be able to handle large, 2GB+, files

  2. I must be able to pause/resume upload if connection temporarily drops out

  3. Progress indicator

  4. Good cross-browser support

  5. Easy to install/update/maintain/use

  6. Multiple/concurrent upload support

  7. I don't need encoding, unzip, etc...I just need the upload feature

  8. I'm open when it comes to technology (also, see next point), as long as I can run it on an EC2 linux instance (standard amazon linux distribution)

  9. I know that I'm ruling out an important technology, but I'd like to avoid java applet due to poor install rate of the java runtime in the market that I'm targeting

Worth mentioning libraries includes Plupload and node.js library called formidable which seems to (almost?) meet my need. Plupload has all the features that I need, except that it seems to have issues with 2GB+ files


PS. I'm so desperate that even commercial components are OK!


We had outstanding success with swfupload, and here's a demo. Our clients upload HD video files, and this component was a snap to get in and running with our customizations.

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