Android Licensing Error 561 (0x231)

I have some applications that were transferred from another company to ours. We have had google move them to our Publisher Account. However I am trying to verify the Licensing and can only get Don't Allow with an error of 561.

I have done a lot of licensed apps and have checked permissions, PUBLIC_KEY, Test Accounts, to whole thing. I have checked versions, and tried testing the app signed and unsigned. No luck it always gives an error 561.

I cannot find anything about an error 561, does anyone know what this code means?


I assume you are referring to the Method void processServerResponse(int response, ResponseData rawData); in the interface 561 is the same as 0x231 which is definde in the interafce as NOT_LICENSED. So there is an error with your license and you should check in the rawData to see why.

I was getting the same error, I spent a whole day to get rid of it. In my case, the problem was due to network security. I tried it with the different network (Personal hotspot network). It worked well.

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