Import Gmail Contact Brithday and Pic in Asp.Net

I want to import the contact of gmail. I have successfully import the Name,phone and email address of the friends but I want to import the pic and DOB of friend too.

I have done lot of R&D but not found and solution. Please help …….


Check Google Contacts API

To retrieve a contact's photo, send an authorized GET request to the contact's photo link URL.

The URL is of the form:{userEmail}/{contactId}

With the appropriate values in place of userEmail and contactID.

public static void DownloadPhoto(ContactsRequest cr, Uri contactURL)
  Contact contact = cr.Retrieve<Contact>(contactURL);

  Stream photoStream = cr.GetPhoto(contact);
  FileStream outStream = File.OpenWrite("test.jpg");
  byte[] buffer = new byte[photoStream.length];

  photoStream.Read(buffer, 0, photoStream.length);
  outStream.Write(buffer, 0, photoStream.length);

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