how to focus on a particular section in another html or php page while clicking a button?

I want to use a search option to find the contents in another page.

My Html page:

<form action="search.php" method="post">
<input name="search" type="text"/> 

<input type="image" src="images/search-btn.jpg" alt="search-btn" /> 

I have 5 topics in another page, say 'products.html'. Topic headings are Film, Music, etc. So if a keyword, like the headings or some predefined keywords in each topic, is typed and search button is clicked I want to redirect to the products.php page.

The main thing is that i want to get the focus on that particular topic

Now I'm redirecting simply like this:






<a name='music'></a><!-- This is anchor -->

<a href='#music'>Go to music on same page</a>


<a href='page1.html#music'>Go to music on another page</a>



You can style your keywords anchors as you wish:

<a name='music'><b>music<b></a>

<span id='music'>music</span>

Within your form post to a page that can deal with the result, save it and then push the user on.

<form action="process.php" method="post" name="search">

This response page will redirect to something like

header("Location: /products.html#music");

Depending on how the form was completed.

Then on your products page add ids that tie this up, for example:

<h2 id="music">Music</h2>

The user will be redirected and the browser will jump to the corresponding anchor or id.

You can also try this technique by using a hidden field, but for the first page JavaScript will work for this

<input name="target" type="hidden" value=""/> 
<input name="search" type="text" onkeyup="your-function-to-set-value-on-hidden-field"/> 

Set the value if typed keyword is matched with your list and on the second page receive the hidden field value in PHP variable and do the stuff.

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