How to increase the RAM Memory usage programatically?

I have a Scenario in that I need to increase the RAM usage of the phone programmatically.

I don't know whether it is possible. If so please help me on this.


I assume you don't want to just waste memory, but what to know how to increase the maximum.

Normally you set the maximum. This is the largest value you would want the heap to be or exit the program. If you set it high enough, you would never need to increase it.

If you want the application to exit with less memory than this, you can just check the usage and exit the program. (Though I can't think why you would)

Check out This StackOverFlow Page.

This page has Prevent out of Memory Exception.

Think Opposite.

We can increase Ram usage through Native Side of Android.. We can make an Single Application to use more than 300Mb of Ram. Since the OUT OF MEMORY exception is only for the Java Side (SDK) but not for the C side(NDK).. But in Android Memory management, if the system memory (as a whole) goes down a threshold value it will automatically kill application which uses more memory to re-gain memory..

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