Freemarker + Spring MVC tutorial

I'm new to Spring MVC and Freemarker. So far I've used JSF and I have some experience with Ruby on Rails (concerning the RESTful pattern..).

I have my Spring web app configured and am now ready to try some basic stuff like forms and so on but I can't find any tutorials on using Spring MVC with freemarker. Since I have neither experience with Spring MVC nor Freemarker I'm quite lost where to start...

Should I try to understand freemarker first? I feel like Spring MVC, appart from the taglibs, just provides me with a way to setup a RESTful MVC app in a Spring context and that's it..?

Thank's for helpful links or even better some good books!


Obviously official documentation can help you (Spring MVC):

In particular, you can refer to this chapter for configuring Spring MVC + FreeMarker:

For a general introduction to Spring MVC take a look also to this tutorial:

Also this quick tutorial looks interesting (Spring MVC 3 + FreeMarker):

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