Center align images in ListView (Compact Framework)

I am working on a mobile application where the main menu is created by a ListView. I have the following as my screen now:

I am trying to align the icons in a better way. What I need is to align the icons to the center (both horizontal and vertical)! I am looking for something like this:

I am not able to find any property or methods that can help me achieve this. Any idea how to do it on Compact framework? I am using CF 3.5 and C# to build the application.

Any idea or solution highly appreciated!


As far as I know that's not possible with the ListView.

The fastest way is probably to drop a bunch of PictureBoxes on your form, and implementing the Click-event. A more reusable way is to create a custom control and build your own version.

There is also the option of paying for a third party library of controls. If that's your preference then that question has been asked here before: 3rd Party UI components for .net Compact Framework?

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