Auto link property different text with the actual linking (setAutoLinkMask)

For example

TextView tv =(TextView)this.findViewById(;
tv.setText("visit website,");

pressing on will take me to The thing I want to do is like this

TextView tv =(TextView)this.findViewById(;
tv.setText("visit this website");

and pressing on "this" I want to take me to

How can I do this ? (is it possible at all ?)


From API Demo,

TextView t3 = (TextView) findViewById(;
                    "<b>text3:</b>  Text with a " +
                    "<a href=\"\">link</a> " +
                    "created in the Java source code using HTML."));

You can just use the attribute android:text="@string/url" as the TextView attribute. Make sure to put a valid URL as the value of the TextView.

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