Automapper Conditional Collection Mapping

Does anyone know a way (or a workaround) to conditional map a source's property in per map condition?

The purpose here is to conditionally map a collection of child objects based on a web service operation parameter. Such as:

Parent GetParent(bool includeChildren);

So far the only feasible solution I found was to either create a wrapping class to add a boolean property, like:

public class ParentMapper
    Parent Parent;
    public bool IncludeChildren {get;set;}

Or to add directly an IncludeChildren property on the model source class, witch I really don't like because of the mixing of purposes.

A perfect solution would be something like:

TDestination Map<TSource, TDestination>(TSource source, bool includeCollections);

But I don't think I'll get any luck with an efficient solution for that.

Any help would be appreciated...


Currently there is nothing built-in allowing you to achieve this. You could do the following though:

var destinations = Mapper.Map<List<Parent>, List<ParentDto>>(
    sources.Where(source => source.Child !=null)

Another way of doing this is:

config.CreateMap<Parent, ParentDto>()
            .AfterMap((source, dest) =>
                 if (source.Child !=null)
                     //do some stuff here

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