Can flowplayer handle rtsp stream?

Flowplayer can play rtmp and http live stream but can i use the same player to play rtsp stream. I have rtsp stream for android which can be played using external player but it opens in fullscreen mode. I thought of putting it inside a frame but the external player opens outside of the frame in android device. So i want to use flowplayer to play rtsp stream in android. Is it possible and if not what to use.


I am fairly certain that Flowplayer, while a great solution for many things, cannot be extended to accept a straight RTSP stream. In any case, I don't believe there is a supported mobile version or plugin of Flowplayer for Android at this point. I have even seen reports that embedded flowplayers being viewed on Android have been sketchy at best.

I have, however, used ffserver and ffmpeg ( to transcode the RTSP stream into .flv to be played with Flowplayer, but if a transcoded stream could be broadcast on your system, you'd be well on your way!


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