Converted Video doesn't play on Internet Explorer 9

I'm trying to embed video playback on a website, using HTML5 video tags.

For some example mp4 files I found, the video plays well on both IE9 & Chrome, but when I use mp4 files converted from avi/mkv files I have - The video plays only on Chrome, while IE9 refuses to play it.

I've tried several video conversion tools: HandBrake, Miro Video Converter, Freemake Video Converter. All produced mp4 containing H. 264 video & AAC audio - And all works well on Chrone.

I also tried playing around with IE9 multimedia/security options - but nothing has changed.

Well, I read about IE9 having a bad support for video playback and html5 in general, but still - it's clearly stated that mp4 is supported for all h264 profiles.

As you can understand - I have a priority for this website to work well on IE9 - So I'd appreciate any tips here.


I have the same issue and found out that it's the combination of Miro Video Converter, videojs and IE9:

When I convert with EasyHTML5video and standard settings (you cannot change any setting) everything ik OK and plays is IE9 with videojs.

When I convert with Miro Video Converter and standard settings (you cannot change any setting) IE9 doesn't play and has a VIDEO OBJECT error.

I've compared the 2 outputs and I think it's only the audio that is different. Miro is 2 channel 48Khz and EasyHTML5 1 channel with 16Khz.

I hope to find the right conversion tool, Miro is better quality than EasyHTML5video, but maybe there is the problem.

My suggestion would be using a plugin which utilizes feature detection such as VideoJS

It will provide the necessary fallback to flash if the video will not display correctly on the browser

Follow the instructions on should be straightforward

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