SQL view for acquaintance from table

I have a table for friends

1            2
1            3         // 1 knows 3
3            1         // 3 knows 1
2            4

How can I create a view containing those acquaintances(know each other) for given player?

1            3
3            1

thank you.


Here's the needed select:

select t1.PLAYER_id, t1.FRIEND_ID from tablename t1
inner join tablename t2 on t1.PLAYER_id = t2.FRIEND_ID and t2.PLAYER_id = t1.FRIEND_ID

select p1.player_id, p1.friend_Id
from player p1 
inner join player p2 on p1.player_id = p2.friend_id and p2.player_id = p1.friend_id

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