Can we Fire the button CLick event on Windowload In WPf C#

i want to FIre the button Click event When My Window is Loaded.. How Can i Achieve it in Wpf?


Create a single function with the shared behavior in your window, then call that function from both your loaded handler and your click handler.

As per this blog post in WinForms this was really easy by just calling PerformClick(), but in WPF you can do it with Automation, however as a commenter mentioned it's really easy if you have access to the button to just use RaiseEvent.

someButton.RaiseEvent(new RoutedEventArgs(Button.ClickEvent));

But as previously answered, if you only have a single handler that needs to be notified, then simply call that handler method directly.

You could use Automation to do it aswell - I've seen this suggested some places as the more flexible/robust method to use, but it seems a bit heavy weight to me compared to just calling the method you already have directly.

in you page_loaded event handler method, make a call to the click event like this:

_buttonName_click(sender, new RoutedEventArgs())

Trgger this event on Button whic u wanted to click button.performclick();

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