Using Linq to aggregate from array to single var

I have an accordion that binds data for each item from an array. I want that for every time that I bound the data I will loop through all of the array and aggregate all of the items with the same id and create a long string with a name from a cell. In the code the name oneJob.order_id does not exist and I don't know why.

protected string GetAllProffesions(int orderID)
    IEnumerable<string> allProf;
    orderID = 544;
    Job[] curItems = null;
    curItems = JobManager.GetJobs(RangeID, GetParam());
    allProf = from oneJob in curItems
              where oneJob.order_id == orderID
              select oneJob.profession_name;

    return Convert.ToString(allProf);


This is because your job class doesn't have a property called order_id. Check your spelling.

Also, you probably don't want to do Convert.ToString(allProf), as I expect this will give you the type name instead of all the professions concatenated. Try this instead:

string.Join(", ", allProf.ToArray());

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