C# DataSet.Relations: How to use DataSet Relations?

I have 3 tables and I have made relations to each of them.

let say: table 1 has: aID, bID, cID, someText and someNumber

table 2 has: bID, txtValueTable2, someText

table 3 has: cID, txtValueTable3, someText

some code:

ds.Relations.Add("BrandNameStr", ds.Tables[1].Columns["bID"], ds.Tables[0].Columns["bID"]);
            ds.Relations.Add("IngredientStr", ds.Tables[2].Columns["cID"], ds.Tables[0].Columns["cID"]);

Now I want to use the columns off all 3 tables to make 1 dataset, but I don't know how?

The dataset must have the following columns: aID, txtValueTable2, txtValueTable3, someText and someNumber

Can someone help me?


Here there is a good example.

In few words you have to use DataTabel.GetChildRows() method.

Here are working example

Hi you need to change by this:

ds.Relations.Add("BrandNameStr",ds.Tables[0].Columns["bID"], ds.Tables[1].Columns["bID"]);

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