How can I hide some images (saved on the sdcard by my app) from the Gallery app in Android?

My app is saving some images on the SD Card, in the AppImages directory

The inbuilt gallery app is detecting these images and showing them on the gallery.

It is possible to hide these images and to be visible only for my app?



Rename the directory from AppImages to .AppImages. The dot "hides" this folder from the system.

On an unrelated note, consider naming the folder something less generic to lessen the chance that it already exists.

You could stop the gallery from picking up your apps photos by putting a .nomedia file in the folder where they are stored. This will stop the gallery app from detecting your images, but a user still can open them in the gallery by using a file manager to navigate to the directory and selecting an image.

Hiding the images from both the user and the gallery is not possible, AFAIK.

No Need to hide the Picture.. just Rename the Extension like ".txt" it will show the pic like unsupported file

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