Windows Mobile 6.5 C# Development: Where to start?

Where would I start to develop applications for Windows Mobile 6.5 using C# language?


The best place to start would be going to Windows Mobile Developer Center

There you will find tons of different resources, labs, hands-on etc. In MSDN, you start in Getting Started in Developing Applications for Windows Mobile

Some code samples can be found here

Other than MSDN, the web is also full of resources, for example:

Have fun :)

You could start with purchasing Visual Studio 2008. It contains the tools needed for developing on the mobile 6.x platform. The express editions sadly do not provide this functionality and Visual Studio 2010 is designed only for the Windows 7 mobile platform.

If you still need to learn C#, then pick up Visual Studio 2008 Express for C# first and buy a book. It will let you learn the basics of Win32 and C# code without spending too much money.

SDK download is here: Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit

Download Visual Studio 2008 full edition for either trial (90 days) or full use, if you bought it previously but lost the CD, from . If you have the CD, of course, you can just use the CD.

Then download the Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK from .

Best of luck!

Dev Env:

Start on Smart Device Application using VB/C++/C# using visual studio 2008.

Smart Device Development

Database :

SQL compact edition


I'd recommend getting and reading the Microsoft Mobile Development Handbook (Amazon Link)

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