Are Objective-C UUIDs compatible with .NET

Is a UUID (GUID) created using CFUUIDCreate in objective-c compatible with GUIDs created within the Microsoft .NET framework.

i.e. if I build an iOS system that generates ids using CFUUIDCreate will I always be able to use these in a .NET context?



A UUID/GUID is just a 128-bit integer. As such, it is inherently platform-agnostic.

When represented as strings, it seems that both CFUUIDCreateString() and System.Guid.NewGuid().ToString() use nearly the same format.

The only difference is that CFUUIDCreateString() uses uppercase letters to represent hex digits ("6027EC11-8084-4678-A250-53D534AEFD4A") while the .NET version uses lowercase letters ("9245fe4a-d402-451c-b9ed-9c1a04247482") by default.

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