GPS stays on using Intent call

I have a quick behavior question. When I call the following lines of code:

String currURL = ""+nLocation.getLatitude()+","+nLocation.getLongitude()+"&daddr=110+Possum+Hollow+Road,+Newark,+DE+19711+(Tri-State+Bird+Rescue)&hl=en&ll=AnotherLat,AnotherLong&spn=0.28323,0.683212&sll=AnotherLat,AnotherLong&sspn=0.283147,0.683212&geocode=FcejYQIdRnCE-w%3BFXn_XQIda4F8-yF_tbhhHBmAIw&vpsrc=0&mra=pd&z=11";
Intent browserIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(currURL));

It seems to keep the GPS on. Is there something wrong in what I was doing?

Thanks! Jon


If you requested location updates, then you must do removeUpdates(locationListener) So, right before doing startActivity, you might want to removeUpdates

If you are using an embedded MapView with a MyLocationOverlay, you need to explicitly clean up/disable this resource using MyLocationOverlay.disableMyLocation(), when your MapView closes. Because these individual overlays request for a location for themselves, and this can leave the GPS unit switched on, with the GPS icon flashing in the Status Bar.


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