git and gerrit issue while review

I am working with git.

when i commit the code its fine but during the review its throwing error

$ git review 

gives me following error message:

Is this really what you meant to do?
Type 'yes' to confirm: yes
remote: Resolving deltas: 100% (28/28)
remote: Processing changes: refs: 1, done    
To ssh://
! [remote rejected] HEAD -> refs/publish/master/abc_org_uk_geography (change 257 closed)
error: failed to push some refs to 'ssh://'

Can someone let us now how to fix this



git review looks like it's a name alias of git command. I think it used wrong destination refs spec.

You can use push your code to gerrit server with right refs spec, such as

git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master
  • gerrit is name of gerrit git repo

  • assuming you want to push working branch to master

The issue here is quite simple, you're trying to push to a closed review -- "(change 257 closed)".

Change 257 is identified by the Change-Id in your commit message, e.g.:

commit 67b36a52914afc3098d9da6750bb8f3d4a9561ac
Author: Paul Bourke <>
Date:   Wed Mar 12 16:45:53 2014 +0000

    Hello World

    Change-Id: I5e6481e8c069591272d1aee5ab1197e94354ba8c

If you want to submit this as a new review, remove the Change-Id and git review will generate a new one:

git commit --amend
# delete the Change-Id line and save
git commit --amend

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