How to extend an existing ContextMenuStrip?

I've a common ContextMenuStrip for every workspace control of my application. This ContextMenuStrip contains 4 Items ("Move front", "Move back", and "Delete control").

Now I want to extend it for one control. There's a DataGridView on this control and I want an additional item to delete the selected DataGridViewRow.

This is the code I tried:

    private void extendContextMenuOfDataGridViewRow (DataGridViewRow row) {
        ContextMenuStrip ctx = new ContextMenuStrip();
        foreach (ToolStripMenuItem item in this.ContextMenuStrip.Items) {
        ctx.Items.Add(new ToolStripSeparator());
        ToolStripMenuItem ctxDeleteRow = new ToolStripMenuItem("Delete row");
        ctxDeleteRow.Name = "ctxDeleteRow";
        ctxDeleteRow.Click += new EventHandler(ctxDeleteRow_Click);

        row.ContextMenuStrip = ctx;

After the first item of the foreach loop was added to ctx.Items the debugger leaves the whole method and the first item is missing at the common ContextMenuStrip.

How do I do that right?


If you want to extend functionally of some control, you can either

a) create an extension method

public void DoSomething(this MyExtendedControl mec, DataGridViewRow row)

b) create a new class inheriting from your unsatisfactory control (or even create a completely new control), when you can override/add things as needed

Depends on your specific needs, couldn't understand from your description...

I haven't worked with WinForms for ages, but are you sure that you can keep the same Row object assigned to two different Strips at once?

foreach (ToolStripMenuItem item in this.ContextMenuStrip.Items) {

I seriously doubt this should work by design because a row has to “talk” to its parent, and by adding it to another strip I'm afraid you're re-assigning the parent.

Instead, I would have added an item to the common menu but with its Visible property to false. Then I would catch the menu opening event and make item visible if target is a DataGridViewRow.

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