How to Join two Entities and Get Unique Rows from One

I have 2 entities A and B, each one has a field Number, I need to get all rows from entity A where the Number does not exist in B.

Any ideas? Does it need a join?


Will that do the trick ?

  var result = entityA.Where(a => !entityB.Any(b => a.Number == b.Number))

very crude, but you can do it without a join like this

var listB = b.Select(o => o.Number).Distinct();

var result = a.Where(o => !listB.Contains(o.Number));

As you are not giving very much information it's hard to tell. But maybe you could do something like this:

public class TestEntity
    public int Number { get; set; }
    public TestEntity(int num)
        Number = num;

public void WriteResult()
    List<TestEntity> lstA = new List<TestEntity>();
    List<TestEntity> lstB = new List<TestEntity>();
    for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
         lstA.Add(new TestEntity(i));
         lstB.Add(new TestEntity(i+4));

    List<TestEntity> result = lstA.FindAll(teA => !lstB.Any(teB => teA.Number == teB.Number)); //This will give you all entities in lstA that does not have any equals in lstB
    foreach (var item in result)

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