Create function which parse an Enum in C#

I know that to parse a string to specific enum like:

enum AnEnumType 

enum OtherEnumType 

string aValueString = "TEST_";

AnEnumType result = (AnEnumType)Enum.Parse(typeof(AnEnumType), aValueString);

So, I want to create a function, a generic one which use parser for my enum(s) like:

public Type ConvertStringToAnEnum(string value, Type anyType){

return (anyType)Enum.Parse(typeof(anyType), aValueString);

But I guess that is not OK...

How to make the function which parse any enumeration type specified as argument in function?

like I want to call OtherEnumType result = ConvertStringToAnEnum("TEST1_", OtherEnumType)


Make the generic method generic:

public T ConvertStringToAnEnum<T>(string value){
  return (T)Enum.Parse(typeof(T), value);


OtherEnumType result = ConvertStringToAnEnum<OtherEnumType>("TEST1_");

You could try to use

public T ConvertStringToAnEnum<T>(string value)
    return (T)Enum.Parse(typeof(T), value);

With this you can do OtherEnumType tp2 = ConvertStringToAnEnum<OtherEnumType>("TEST1_");

or using an extension method

public static class Extensions
    public static T ToEnum<T>(this string value)
        return (T)Enum.Parse(typeof(T), value);

With this you can do

OtherEnumType tp2 = "TEST1_".ToEnum<OtherEnumType>();

Depending on how involved you want to get, you can also use attributes to give your enum values more descriptive names. Associating Strings with enums in C# gives a pretty good intro in how to do this.

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