How to set inner object Data property for a datagridview

I have created Entity Framework for a model. I would like to access inner object and bind that inner object to a datagridview. I can access inner object but i cant set data property of datagridview to show this. Can any one please help me out Here the code I have two classes in EF. ItemMaster And Category.ItemMaster Contains Category Id.Category Contains Category Name. now in EF i can access Category Object like

 public static List<ItemMaster> GetAllItemMasters()
 using (var itemContext = new EntitiesContext())
        var items = itemContext.ItemMasters.Include("Category").Where(p=>  (p.IsDelete==   null || p.IsDeleted.Value == false)).ToList();
        return items;

now while binding to a datagridview i have only properties like categoryid in code behind i can access inner object like itemmaster.category.categoryname but i cant set data property of datagridview as category.categoryname. So can you please help me out


Add a reference to your namespace (if needed), then unbox the item into the parent class.


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