Spring Validator - show errors using <form:errors

I am working in a spring mvc web app where i am trying to validate an db object person using Spring's Validator and trying to show the result of validator in JSP form as form:errors path="". I have server side method in a controller as :

@RequestMapping( value="/find", method = RequestMethod.GET )
public ModelAndView search(@ModelAttribute("Person") Person p,BindingResult result){

     Person person2 = personDao.get( p.getId() );
     ModelAndView mav = new ModelAndView("templates/person");

     PersonValidator personValidator = new PersonValidator();
     personValidator.validate(person2, result);

     return mav;

I have JSP code as :

<form:form commandName="person" >
    <form:input path="personEmail" /> 
    <form:errors path="personEmail"  element="div" />

It works if I explicitly put the error message ${errors.personEmail }

But ,

<form:errors path="personEmail"  element="div" />

does not work.

Could you please suggest me what's wrong here?


I did the following changes and it is solved now. :D

@RequestMapping( value="/find", method = RequestMethod.GET )
    public String search(@ModelAttribute("Person") Person p,BindingResult result,ModelMap model){

         Person person2 = personDao.get( p.getId() );
         PersonValidator personValidator = new PersonValidator();
         Errors errors = new BeanPropertyBindingResult(person2, "person");
         personValidator.validate(person2, errors);

         return "templates/person";

please try to narrow variable names.

You have got @Model Attribute("Person") where the command is named Person than in your jsp you have person and in personValidator.validate(person, result); you have person . You should validate the same object which is preceding BindingResult => Person p or you have to create binding result for particular object explicitly like this

BindingResult errors = new BeanPropertyBindingResult(person,"person");
validate(Person person, Errors errors);

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