Add CSS rules at runtime in IE6 - Object doesn't support this property or method

Trying to get my site running in IE6 but having trouble with some runtime css stuff that I need to do.

I've tried both these:

$.rule('#post'+ i + '{ visibility:hidden;}').appendTo('style');


var postStyle = document.createElement('style');
postStyle.type = 'text/css';    
postStyle.innerHTML = '#post'+ i + '{ visibility:hidden;}';

Works in other browsers but not IE. I get this error:

"Object doesn't support this property or method"

Any ideas?


I've provided cross-browser code to do this before on Stack Overflow. Here's one example:

In IE, you have to do this:

postStyle.styleSheet.cssText = whatever;

I've done this generally with a try/catch setup.

$('head').append($('<style/>', { id: "replaced-colors" }));

try {
catch (_ie) {
  $('#replaced-colors')[0].styleSheet.cssText = replaced;

as a real-life example.

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