Li with float in IE6/7. It disappears?

Try test this code in IE 6/7:


    <li style="float:left">huisashaiuhs iuhuiahsiuhsaiu</li>

Where is the circle of LI? I already do ALL types of workaround, in UL and LI. Nothing, NOTHING works.

Do you have any idea? (BTW already tried hasLayout,padding-left,margin-left,display:inline, etc etc etc)


Check this forum article out:

Or else, I'd suggest putting the <ul> in a <div> that is floated left, and remove the float style from the <li>.


  <div style="float: left;">
      <li>huisashaiuhs iuhuiahsiuhsaiu</li>

Try adding a doctype to kick the page into standards mode?

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