github forking and upstream changes

Say I want to contribute to an open source project named SuperOSS. I'll create my own fork, let's call it MyOSS. I'll make changes to the MyOSS repo and make a pull request. At that point my git repo looks like this:

remote.origin = MyOSS
remote.upstream = SuperOSS

Say my pull request never gets added and a few months pass. At that point, what do I need to do to submit another pull requests? Do I need to rebase SuperOSS on top of MyOSS and just overwrite my pull request that never got added? Is there a better way?

At first I was going to delete the MyOSS repo and re-fork SuperOSS but there must be a better way than that.


your master should be clean (meaning, reflect the original repo state), and your features proposal in a separate branch per feature, ideally. That way, if your feature never get accepted, it does not prevent you from starting another feature branch from master.

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