IE, Firefox, Opera not calling complete function in ajax call

Using CoffeeScript in a Rails 3 app I have a simple ajax call:

$(document).ready ->

fetchProfile = (profile_id) ->

    fetchingProfile = null

    if fetchingProfile

    fetchingProfile = $.ajax
        type: "GET"
        dataType: "json"
        url: "/api/profiles/" + profile_id
        cache: false
        timeout: 8000

        beforeSend: ->

        complete: ->

        success: (result) ->
            $("span#number").text("#" + result.number)
            $("span#height").text(result.height_feet + "' " + result.height_inches + "\"")
            $("span#weight").text(result.weight + "lbs")
            $("#photo-wrapper > img}").attr("src",

        error: (result) ->
            if (result.statusText != "abort")

$("a#fancybox-link").click ->

$("a#error-link").click (e) ->
    fetchProfile($("a.selected").data("profile"), $("a.selected").data("user"))

This call works fine in Chrome and Safari but not the above browsers.

I tried putting an alert in the complete function and the function is just not getting called at all in FF, IE or Opera.

Any ideas??


Revisited this after a couple of months as it wasn't high priority.

Turns out it was a simple typo. Doh!

It was the } in this line $("#photo-wrapper > img}").attr("src",

I guess chrome is a bit more forgiving than firefox.

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