Android - Let the activity remain in its original Orientation

When I open an Activity I want that activity to remain in that orientation that was opened. For example, if I open it in PORTRAIT mode, then the user wont' be able to change it to landscape, and when I open it in LANDSCAPE, then the user won't be able to change to portrait. (I need this for a video player)

To achieve this I get the current screen orientation, and then set it, like this:

int orientation = getResources().getConfiguration().orientation;

If I open the Activity in PORTRAIT mode, and try to switch to LANDSCAPE by rotating the phone, it doesn't - this is as expected. The issue is that if the activity is opened in LANDSCAPE and I attempt to rotate to portrait - it does.

I don't understand why this might happen.

The code appears in the onCreate(), above the setContentView()


The problem is that getResources().getConfiguration().orientation and setRequestedOrientation(orientation); work with different constants. You could try reading the documentation for both of them, and doing the mapping between them.

Try with this:

    public void onResume() {


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