How to get the current App name in in Django?

I have a app called C3po. I'm working on the model "Article". In this model I want to create a ForeignKey field with a custom related_name to a model in another app called Lea. To make sure the related_name is unique, I want to name it "c3po_articles". But I don't want to hard code the app name c3po. How can I get the folder / app name in a dynamic way ? Do I use __file__ and split it or is there a more elegant method ?

Thank you for your help :)


The related_name attribute supports automatic string interpolation with two variables: app_label and class. For example:

models.ForeignKey(FooModel, related_name='%(app_label)s_%(class)s_foo')

Now, I'm honestly not sure if Django will let you just include one or the other, i.e. just '%(app_label)s_foo', but you can try. (After a closer look at the docs, I highly doubt it. It seems like it's both or neither, but still, test it yourself and see.)



Actually, after thinking about it more, for your case, you could just use '%(app_label)s_%(class)ss', which should net you c3po_articles as the related_name.

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