Does IE support indexedDB, WebSQL, or a database similar to SQLite?

For Chrome, I can use IndexedDB and WebSQL, for Firefox, I can use IndexedDB, what about IE? I have developed an app that uses WebSQL and it works fine on desktop Chrome and Safari, iOS Safari and Android browser. Next, I want to port it to Desktop Firefox and IE. I'm considering IndexedDB, but finding out IE doesn't really support it. What alternative do I have?


IE10 supports IndexedDB. You can also use localStorage in IE8+. For older versions, you can use proprietary userData behavior:

Please note that WebSQL database is deprecated and specification is no longer maintained.

As duri notes WebSQL has been given the incantation of doom**, but it's often the only practical technology for cross-platform local storage -- especially when dealing with mobile.

IE does not support WebSQL, and since the people who write the spec can't come to terms on an implementation you are not likely to see an implementation anytime soon. IE10 is not yet mainstream so neither is IndexedDB. (Moreover, IndexedDB suffers from two different implementations in Chrome (old) and FF (new) which makes even it not completely stable to develop on.)

localStorage is the only truly cross platform option, with mobile Opera being the only non-implementor. In my experience, you should not count on it performing well with medium- or larger-sized data sets.

** As with "McBeth" around theaters I'll ask that you never say these words near any IndexedDB implementation please: "The Web SQL Database specification is no longer being maintained and support may be dropped in future versions."

The google chrome team has been very supportive of IndexedDB, so I would expect Chrome for Android to get it soon if they don't have it yet. There's no need to have LevelDB "support" in Android, it's just another library like many others that Chrome uses.

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