How to convert a JSON JString value to an ordinary String in Lift?

Having a jString : JString value holding an "abc" string inside I get "JString(abc)" : String if I call jString.toString. How do I get "abc" : String instead?


To extract a value from JValue you can use any method described here: What is the most straightforward way to parse JSON in Scala?

For instance:


You can use 'render' function to convert any JValue to printable format. Then either 'pretty' or 'compact' will convert that to a String.




val jstring=JString("abc")
implicit val formats = net.liftweb.json.DefaultFormats 

I believe the best way is to use match:

val x = ... (whatever, maybe it's a JString)

x match {
  case JString(s) => do something with s
  case _          => oops, something went wrong

This was asked a while ago, but I wanted a simple one-line helper that would get my string for me in the context of an expression, so I wrote this little thing inside of an object called Get:

  object Get {
    def string(value: JValue): String = {                                                                                                               
      val JString(result) = value                                                                                            

This way I can just do, e.g., val myString = Get.string(jsonStringValue)

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