Geektool and returning Applescript

I have an Applescript script that is set to repeat every 10 seconds with Geektool.

I have returns at the end of each handler that let me know what's going on, but that affords me little chance to see mid-script what exactly is happening.

So what I'm asking is if there's a command in Applescript like return but will not halt the script?



display dialog "This is what's going on" giving up after 1


    tell application "Terminal"
    set xxx to "This is what's going on"
    do script "echo " & quoted form of xxx in window 1
    delay 2
    do script "echo " & quoted form of xxx in window 1
end tell

The return function should work.

    set stringYouWantToReturn to "banana"
return stringYouWantToReturn

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