Execute local command with JavaScript in Chrome

My mail client is configured to open links in mails with Chrome. But sometimes, when I get a mail from our ticket system, which doesn't work at all on Chrome, I'd like to open the link with internet explorer.

Therefore I tought a Javascript user script would probably do the job. I've searched, and there seems to be a way, with using ActiveX. Unfortunately this won't work in Chrome. Does anybody know how I'd go about that? Is there some kind of plugin or class which would allow me to do this kind of thing in Chrome? Or is there a another solution?


You could setup a custom protocol handler on your system.

For example, you could use a protocol in your html like this:

<a href="sd:http://www.example.com/">I get opened in IE</a>

Then you register sd as a protocol, and tell Windows to open those kind of links with IE

Registering an Application to a URL Protocol



Looks like it passes in the protocol part, so IE wouldn't know what to do with that. You could write a very simple batch file to strip the protocol part, and then launch IE.

Here is an example batch file:

@echo off
set a=%1
start "" "c:\program files (x86)\internet explorer\iexplore.exe" %a:~3%

It creates a variable "a" that it sets to the first parameter "%1" then its starts iexplore, stripping off the first 3 characters of "a"

There's not an easy solution. Any solution you could find for this would be pretty hacky as javascript is not designed to do this. The only solution I can think of is to use a chrome extension to launch an external application based on the url of the page visited, but I don't know if chrome extensions even have that capability.

Not sure how helpful it will be, but the chrome extension tutorial page might contain something useful.

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