How can I display category in wordpress post thumbnail?

Hello guys hope your all doing well. I was looking for some help for a slider im building on my wordpress site. I cant seem to figure out how to display the category of each post that shows in the slider and have it highlighted. Does anyone know how i can accomplish this? my current code is below

<div id="slides">       
    <?php if (function_exists('yg_randomposts')) {
         $parameters = array(
            'limit' => 10, //Number of posts to show
            //'excerpt' => 60,  //excerpt length (letters)
        'actcat' => true, //get posts current 
            'cusfield' => 'post-image', //custom field name of thumbnail image
            'w' => 250,  //width
            'h' => 250, //height
            'firstimage' => true,  //get first image of post content
            'atimage' => true, //get first attached image of post
            'defimage' => '' //default thumbnail image

        //print random posts
        } ?>
</div><!--slider container-->


Would wp_get_post_categories help? You can read more about it in the Codex, including usage and arguments that can be passed.

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