creating Riot CMS Spring Java project

The steps used for creating Riot CMS Spring Java project

  1. I created Java dynamic project called newRiotDemo and put setup.xml ( in WebContent
  2. Then ran wget && ant -f setup.xml terminal
  3. Then refreshed project.put index.html in Webcontent.
  4. no exception in console,no markers now but not getting my desired admin page while giving localhost:8080/newRiotDemo/riot (Refernce-->

Can anyone help me on how to proceed further? Where should we include riot code obtained from



I tried following commands in terminal==>

mkdir my-riot cd my-riot git clone git://

git clone git://

cd riot

git checkout 9.0.x

ant install-release

cd ../riot-skeleton

git checkout 9.0.x & then ant war

Output obtained==> riot-skeleton.jar & riot-skeleton-mysystemloginname.war & classes folder in build folder

Then I imported the above riot-skeleton-mysystemloginname.war into eclipse & got localhost:8080/riot-skeleton-mysystemloginname/home/ page in browser.

While logging in as admin,admin localhost:8080/riot-skeleton-mysystemloginname/riot/,am able to see Toolbar in Pets & home page too. NB:-If you face,"CSRF SECURITY ERROR" just put this code in riot-servlet.xml:

        <override:properties ref="dwrController">
         <property name="configParams">
          <prop key="crossDomainSessionSecurity">false</prop>

I hope that solution will be useful to someone.

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