When I try adding something to the project, Visual Studio just crashes

I think I found a reproducible bug in visual studio. When I try adding "TestControl" to the project, visual studio just crashes.

Maybe it's my fault, and I'm doing something wrong. All I do is BUILD, and add the control to the form:

Here's the project (11kb): https://www.dropbox.com/s/dk62j347zmwbll8/VisualStudioCrash.zip

I haven't included any binary files. If you want to test it, build it and add "TestControl" to the form. If you somehow manage, click on the control and see if it crashes then.


The cause is fairly obvious:

public string Description
        return Description;
        // lblDescription.Text = value;

You're making a recursive call to the get accessor for the Description property. Visual Studio is going into an infinite loop when you place the control on the designer.

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